Global Conference on the International Network of Disaster Studies in Iwate, Japan Iwate Conference

For participants


1. Information Desk

All registered participants will sign up and receive Conference ID card at the information desk, the 7th floor of Aiina.
When you pay the Registration fees at the information desk, only cash in Japanese yen will be accepted in any case.

2. Conference ID Card

Please wear your ID during the conference with all sessions.
With your ID, you can also get lunchbox and enter in other sessions area.
To do everything convenient, please do not lose your ID.
These is no reissue.

3. Venue (Plenary Sessions, Panel M Sessions and Poster Sessions)

All the Plenary and Panel M sessions will be held in Odashima-gumi Main Hall in Aiina. The panel A, B, C and D will be held in Meeting Room 701, 702, 703 and 811.
Poster sessions will be held in 804.

4. Oral Sessions

Presenter should be ready at least 10 minutes before the panel begins, and make sure of PC operation.

5. PC for Presentation

PC for presentation is operated in Japanese version, windows 7. If you need in English version to use, please bring your own PC.
During presentation, there is no available to use audio or video.

6. The Projection Terminals

The terminals of the projector at the hall correspond to D-Sub(VGA) and HDMI.
Projector terminals do not correspond to Macintosh. Apologize for not preparing the Mac connector, so if you want to use Mac, bring your own converter.

7. Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be held 9:15-18:00 on 18th.
Core time is 12:30-14:30.
Poster authors must set-up their posters before 9:00 on 18th.
(We recommend putting posters up between 11:00 and 17:30 on 17th.)
Push-pins will be available.
Poster authors must remove their posters between 9:00 and 11:00 on 19th.
Posters not removed at 11:00 on 19th will be discarded.
Posters can be previewed on 17th.
No photo or video is allowed in poster session area.

8. Prohibitions

Please be sure that all mobile phones and other sounded equipment must turn off to silent mode.
The contents of all presentations should not be allowed to take photos by camera or mobile phone, or not to be allowed to record without permission of the presenter.

9. Simultaneous Interpretation Services

Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Japanese (channel 1) and English (channel 2) during Plenary and Panel M sessions on July 17 and all afternoon on 18th.

10. Wi-fi

Free Wi-fi is available at 7th and 8th floor in Aiina.
This Wi-fi system is provided by NTT East Japan and its great helpness.

11. Charge of Equipment

Use charge spot at Room 804.

12. Print and Copy Services

There is no print or copy services during this conference, even the secretariat will not provide any services.
Coin printing service is available at the convenience store (Family Mart) at 1st floor of Aiina.

13. Luggage

Luggage storage is available at Odashima-gumi Hall, Aiina on 19th only.
For your security, please be wear your valuable items.

14. ATM and Post Office

ATM is at 1st floor in Aiina.
Post office is in 1st floor in Malios Building, which is next to Aiina.

15. Coffee Break / Lunch

Drink services will provide in Room 804 with ID.
Bring your ID when you will get drink and a lunchbox in Room 804.
Lunchbox will provide at 12:20-14:00 on 17th, and 12:10-14:30 on 18th.

16. Banquet

Banquet will be held in Hotel Metropolitan Morioka New Wing at 4th floor, MetroHall-West “Nishinoma,” 18:30-20:00 on July 17.
Please bring your ID with attached a banquet registration mark on.
A limited number of the Banquet tickets can be purchased at the information desk of Aiina and the entrance point of the venue, only for cash payment 5,000yen.

17. Excursion

People who participate in the excursion will gather in front of information desk at 13:15, 7th floor.

18. Address

Aiina:1-7-1, Morioka Station West, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0045
Hotel Metropolitan New Wing:2-27, Morioka-Ekimae-Kitadori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0033

Thank you for your cooperation.