Global Conference on the International Network of Disaster Studies in Iwate, Japan Iwate Conference

Greetings from the Conference President

Greetings from the Conference President:
"Global Conference on the International Network of Disaster Studies in Iwate"

  • Conference President
    Dr. Akira Iwabuchi, President of Iwate University

It is our great pleasure to host the “Global Conference on the International Network of Disaster Study in Iwate” in Morioka, Japan. This conference began with the cooperation of Harvard University in the US and Tsighua University in China. Having experienced firsthand the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Iwate University has worked on various reconstruction efforts in regional sectors. Soon after the disaster, we founded the Research Center for Regional Disaster Management. The Center has since carried out practical disaster prevention actions. The development of new technologies and disaster prevention and crisis management education programs are beneficial not only for domestic problems but for global crises as well. The ideas which will be shared in this conference are particularly exciting for us as we strive to make Iwate University a “glocal” institution?a mission which examines, acts upon, and unites global and local perspectives. Those concerned with disaster management are most welcome to the conference. We very much look forward to meeting you in Morioka.